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The MRPDC provides rural transportation planning services through funding under the Rural Transportation Program, offered by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Our services include development of the rural Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan (RLRTP), provision of transportation elements for local Comprehensive Plans, technical assistance to our localities, participation in special VDOT planning initiatives, and other assistance as requested. Planning issues include road capacity and safety monitoring and expansion of multimodal options (transit, rail, bicycle and pedestrian) as they relate to land use, economic development and environmental conservation.

The Rural Regional Long Range Transportation Plan (RLRTP) is a formalized effort on behalf of the state to improve communication with local officials in small urbanized and rural areas (areas with less than 50,000 people), giving them a stronger voice in transportation decision making and programming, including the VDOT Six Year Improvement Program (SYIP). The format resembles that of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which coordinates transportation planning and programming in Virginia’s urbanized areas as mandated by federal law. In the Mount Rogers region, part of Washington County and the entire City of Bristol are included in the Bristol Urban Area MPO. The benefits of involving local stakeholders in rural transportation planning include increased trust in government, better plans and programs, stronger support for actual implementation and improved performance of transportation systems. To read the Mount Rogers PDC Public Input Plan (PIP), click here.

MRPDC staff work with the transportation Rural Technical Committee (RTC) whose members are selected based on their expertise on transportation issues. The committee is comprised of appointed representatives from each of Mount Roger’s six counties and two cities in addition to representatives from the Virginia Department of Aviation, the Department of Rail and Public Transit, the Federal Highway Administration and VDOT. The committee meets on a quarterly basis or as needed.

Current grant programs available to Mount Rogers localities and administered through the VDOT Transportation Mobility and Planning Division include the "Competitive Request for Use of VDOT On-Call Consultant Services" and the "Multimodal Planning Grant." Funding for transportation enhancement projects is made available to the state via the Safe Accountable Flexible Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEALU) legislation.

MRPDC welcomes your input and ideas. Please contact Aaron Sizemore if you have any questions or comments regarding the transportation planning services we offer.