About Us

Officially established in July of 1969, the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission (MRPDC) is authorized under the Virginia Regional Cooperation Act to serve as 1 of the 21 planning district commissions in the State.

The Commission was established for the purpose of promoting orderly and efficient development of economic, physical, and social elements of the region; to serve the Counties of Bland, Carroll, Grayson, Smyth, Washington, and Wythe and the independent Cities of Bristol and Galax.

The Commission is recognized by the Appalachian Regional Commission as an ARC Local Development District and by the Economic Development

Administration as an Economic Development District. Past activities of the Commission have included analysis of regional recreational resources, water quality management planning, the development of regional law enforcement plans, and planning for service delivery to senior citizens. Because of program cutbacks in many areas, the priorities of the Commission have shifted in recent years and are now more focused toward specific goals.

The work of the Commission today is centered chiefly in providing technical assistance to area jurisdictions in economic and community development, public management and administration, and cartography. Economic development activities include assisting jurisdictions in preparing grant applications for economic development projects, publishing a quarterly report of economic indicators, and maintaining a comprehensive regional economic development strategy. The Commission has for several years provided circuit-riding town management assistance to member jurisdictions who cannot afford full-time managers. Our GIS Director provides mapping assistance to localities, which includes updating property maps, zoning maps, and house numbering maps. The Commission considers itself an “arm” of our local governments – providing them with both expertise and cost savings.

To learn more about the specific projects and programs that are underway at the Commission, please explore our website. Information will be updated regularly as new projects begin and up-to-date statistics are released. Please email us if you need additional assistance or would like to contact a staff member.