Stronger Economies Together (SET)

Mount Rogers Region Stronger Economies Together Plan

The Mount Rogers Planning District (MRPD) was chosen as one of three Virginia areas to participate in Stronger Economies Together (SET) for 2015-2016. The SET plan was designated as a High-quality Plan by the Southern Rural Development Center in January 2017.
What is SET?

Stronger Economies Together (SET) is a nationwide initiative that enables communities and counties in rural America to work together in developing and implementing an economic development blueprint for their multi-county region that strategically builds on the current and emerging economic strengths of that region.

Creating, attracting and retaining jobs as a single rural county in isolation from other nearby counties is becoming increasingly ineffective. In today’s global marketplace, economic development progress is more likely to be realized when rural and metro counties work together as a region to assess their resources and then design and implement plans that build on their assets and comparative economic strengths.

Who should Participate?

The SET Regional Team consists of individuals from Virginia Tech, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), and USDA-Rural Development. The success of the project is based upon collaboration across the public and private sectors. Individuals who should be involved include:

  • Industry and financial leaders
  • Representatives of faith-based organizations
  • Entrepreneurs/small business leaders
  • County Extension Service personnel
  • State and federal Congressional representatives or staff
  • Local and regional government representatives
  • Minority and women-owned business owners
  • Chamber of Commerce, economic development, and/or tourism organizations
  • Workforce Development Board representatives from the area
  • Educational leaders and organizations
  • Nonprofit, voluntary and civic-minded organizations
  • Community foundations
  • Rural cooperatives

If you would like to become involved in the Mount Rogers SET initiative, please contact Rocky Warren at or (276) 783-5103 ext.318


Learn More

For more information about Stronger Economies Together, please visit Virginia Cooperative Extension or the  Southern Rural Development Center.

Other Virginia SET Regions

Southern Rural Development Center.

Eastern Shore of Virginia – 2015

Northern Neck – 2013 (PDF of Completed Plan)

Northern Shenandoah Valley – 2015